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Managed Privacy Services for SMEs

Skills4Good AI is a one-stop platform for privacy & AI compliance designed for small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs). We help SMEs comply with rapidly emerging global privacy & AI regulations in a seamless and cost-effective way.

Data is the lifeblood of your company

Like most companies, you are collecting and using lots of personal information from customers, employees, and vendors for your marketing, customer support, HR and procurement operations. When they give you their personal information, they trust that you will use it responsibly and safely in compliance with laws. Like them, you could also be struggling to comply with fast changing landscape of global privacy and AI regulations because of:

lack of budget

Lack of Budget

You have a limited budget to hire full-time staff to manage your compliance programs

lack of expertise

Lack of Expertise

Your employees have limited or no expertise in privacy & AI regulations

lack of time

Lack of Time

Your employees have no time to add privacy & AI compliance tasks to their existing workloads

lack of automation

Lack of Automation

Your employees are likely using documents and spreadsheets to manually conduct your compliance programs

The Ideal Compliance Solution for Your Company

Our one-stop platform for privacy & AI compliance leverages tech automation with best-in-class consulting that makes complying easy and cost-effective.

We take the pain out of privacy & AI compliance so you can focus on your business.

Using Privacy & Human Rights By Design, our various compliance packages help your company comply with emerging privacy and AI regulations to:


Increase revenues
and avoid legal fines


Enhance brand
and reputation


Build stakeholder

human rights

Protect privacy and
other human rights


Achieve the UN Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs)

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Investing in Compliance Mitigates Risk

Studies show that an organization’s non-compliance costs are nearly three times its compliance costs.


Costs of Non-Compliance

business disruption

Business Disruption

Economic loss from operations shutdown & contract cancellations

productivity losses

Productivity Losses

Lost employee work time from systems downtime

revenue losses

Revenue Losses

Lost profits due to customer turnover

loss of reputation

Loss of Reputation

Loss of trust due to damaged reputation

fines & penalties

Fines & Penalties

Legal costs and fees for violations

Source: Ponemon Institute, 2017 Benchmark Study, “The True Cost of Compliance with Data Protection Regulations”

Mitigate Your Risks

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Why Choose Skills4Good AI

global compliance experts

Global Compliance Experts

Stop hiring expensive salaried staff. Our multi-disciplinary teams of globally certified compliance experts in privacy and AI regulations provide best-in-class consulting cost-effectively.

tech automated platform

Tech Automated Platform

Stop using documents and spreadsheets. With our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, workflow processes are automated to reduce time and human errors.

customized solutions

Customized Solutions

Stop using boilerplate templates. We know that your business is unique. That's why we provide personalized services customized to your business needs and stakeholder expectations.

transparent fees

Transparent Fees

Stop paying steep hourly consultant rates. Our subscription packages offer you the best-of-breed solutions with flexible payments and transparent pricing from beginning until end.

great roi

Great ROI

Leave the heavy-lifting to us. We monitor your compliance requirements cost-effectively throughout the year giving you a great return on investment (ROI).

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Kind Words From Our Customers

I’m excited about this partnership with Skills4Good. In my experience, the most successful teams are built when diverse individuals with unique experiences choose to work together with a single purpose.
Michael Crothers
President & Country Chair
Shell Canada
Skills4Good was recommended to us and so we registered our nonprofit. I like working with them because the process was fast and easy. I highly recommend them to my nonprofit sector colleagues.
Danny Glenwright
Executive Director
Action Against Hunger Canada
Our partnership with Skills4Good is a unique opportunity for us to develop our talented Equifax leaders while making a difference in the communities in which we live and work.
Lisa Nelson
Equifax Canada
I give Skills4Good an excellent rating. Their team was incredibly helpful, responsive and encouraging. They didn't rush the match, ensuring I had explored a variety of options to choose the right nonprofit for me. I would highly recommend working with Skills4Good, and think it's such a great non-financial benefit a company can offer their high valued employees. I strongly recommend them to my colleagues at RBC.
Jodi Wright
Senior Director
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
Skills4Good’s service was excellent in matching our busy Board with interested candidates. They got the ball rolling, did what they said they were going to do, and provided a great candidate who accepted a position with our Board. I highly recommend them to my nonprofit colleagues.
Roland Osske
Board Chair
Immigrant Services Calgary
The quality of the Board Matching Program services I received from Skills4Good was excellent. I liked their personalized service, their online videos and their prompt response times. I highly recommend them to my colleagues at Enbridge.
Laszlo Varsanyi
Vice President
I rate Skills4Good's matching services as excellent. I liked how prompt their team responds to my inquiries. They are very easy to work with.
Heather Evans
Managing Director
Community Living Ontario Foundation
I appreciated that Skills4Good got to know me well. Their approach was very high touch and greatly helped with my selection of board opportunities. I give them an excellent rating!
Benjamin Winograd
Managing Director
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
Skills4Good is an excellent resource to find qualified Board members. They were always professional and supportive. The process was effortless, timely and successful!
Gregory Caswell
Executive Director
Alberta Emerald Foundation
Skills4Good’s board matching services were excellent. The program was effective and efficient. Josephine was extremely relatable and supportive throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Skills4Good to my LGM colleagues.
Eddie McWhirter
LGM Financial Services
Skills4Good was very professional and efficient in matching us with great new board members! Their board matching services are excellent! I highly recommend them to my colleagues in the nonprofit sector.
Karen MacMillan
Executive Co-Director
Foothills Academy
Skills4Good’s services were excellent. Their communication was outstanding - clear, kind, and very punctual. The process was thorough and laid out clearly, which certainly built trust in not only Skills4Good, but in the candidate that was successfully matched with us. I really enjoyed working with them and am very excited that we're welcoming a new board member!
Joshua Dalledonne
Board President
Calgary Young People's Theatre Society
I give Skills4Good’s services an excellent rating. I liked working with their team! They were very professional, warm and really cared that I ended up at a nonprofit that not only aligned with my passions, but that was also going to be a good fit with my personality. I highly recommend them to my colleagues at RBC.
Stephanie Breitman
Senior Credit Analyst
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
We registered with Skills4Good to try a new recruitment method. The quality of their services was excellent. They had easy-to-use online tools and were very responsive with their feedback. I highly recommend them to my colleagues in the nonprofit sector.
Joy Parsons
Fair Haven Homes Society
Skills4Good invested a lot of work to ensure a great match. I am grateful to Skills4Good for my board appointment. Given their excellent service, I highly recommend them to my Enbridge colleagues!
Tanya Mushynski
Vice President
Skills4Good was intentional about understanding our board needs. They presented excellent candidates and we’re thrilled with the outcome!
Anne Marie Peirce
Executive Director
Community Foundation of Mississauga
The absolute professionalism, dedication to personal development and the opportunity to learn directly from the Skills4Good team was excellent. It is evident that they’re respected and connected within the industry. I highly recommend them to my colleagues at Shell.
Jamie Beyore
Director Global Wholesale
Shell Canada
We were in need of quality board members and were having a hard time connecting with the right individuals. The Skills4Good team was very professional. The candidate was well suited. Communication was easy and the process was efficient. I am very happy with their services. I highly recommend them to my nonprofit colleagues.
Bill de Jong
Board Director
Janus Academy Society
I give Skills4Good an excellent rating. Their program worked perfectly for me. I liked how organized and methodical the matching program was. I also liked their team's individual and personalized approach. I would recommend them to my colleagues at Equifax.
Yosh Ubieda
Senior Finance Analyst
Equifax Canada
We had been looking for some months to add new members to our Board of Directors. Skills4Good’s services were excellent. We liked working with them because of the quality of applicants we received. I highly recommend them to my colleagues in the nonprofit sector.
Samantha Fox
Board Chair
London Youth Advisory Council
I rate Skills4Good’s services as excellent. Everyone was very responsive and helpful. The board volunteer opportunities identified were very much what I was looking for and the Leaders on Board online course was interesting. I highly recommend them to my colleagues at Shell.
Julianne Osberg
Senior Counsel
Shell Canada
Skills4Good’s professionalism in finding someone for us was unbelievable and made my workload a lot easier as they did the legwork in finding someone. I give them an excellent rating and highly recommend them to my nonprofit colleagues.
Sarah Preston
Gateway Association
Skills4Good is a professional organization to work with! Thanks so much for helping us find an amazing person to join our board! I highly recommend them to my nonprofit colleagues.
Kate Butler
Board Director
Hope 24/7
I liked Skills4Good’s personalized connections and excellent support they provided our nonprofit. I highly recommend them to my nonprofit colleagues. Their services were excellent.
Rebecca White
Engineers of Tomorrow
Skills4Good has the nonprofit connections and methodology in place to first understand what resonated with me professionally and personally. They found the appropriate board contacts to facilitate my placement. I would recommend them to my colleagues at Shell.
Brody Mainville
Head of Retail
Shell Canada
We contacted Skills4Good because of their impressive reputation. Their board matching services are excellent! I enjoyed communicating with their team. They made the board matching process very smooth. I have only positive feedback from my experience with Skills4Good!
Julie Wildgoose
Board Director
Centennial Infant and Child Centre
Skills4Good’s level of service and professionalism is top-notch. I liked their very high touch service and online board training. They made sure I understood everything and were there for me every step of the way. They really match personal passion to nonprofit. I give them an excellent rating and highly recommend them to my colleagues at LGM.
Diana Ricketts
VP of Strategic Partnerships
LGM Financial Services
The communications we received from Skills4Good was terrific. The candidate was a good match to our organization. I highly recommend them to my colleagues in the nonprofit sector.
Carlene Chrumka
Executive Director
Janus Academy Society
The Skills4Good team was very knowledgeable about the working of Boards and areas that would not be known by the more general audience. I would recommend them to my colleagues at Enbridge.
Christine Neff
Vice President
I give Skills4Good an excellent rating! Their matching process was spot on to connect applicants with the experience and interest to our nonprofit board. This is a great service to match volunteers with the right skill sets for boards. I highly recommend them to my nonprofit colleagues.
Pam Banks
Executive Director
RIC Centre

Managed Privacy Services for  SMEs

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