Privacy Program Package

Managed Privacy Services for SMEs

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Skills4Good AI
Privacy Program Package

This annual subscription package is designed for:

Companies that need to establish and manage a Privacy Program or refresh an outdated one


Why You Need This

  • Establishes a comprehensive Privacy Program for your business
  • Develops and operationalizes your Privacy Strategy
  • Monitors your privacy risks 24/7/365
  • Makes sure you're aware of the latest laws and regulations from privacy regulators in all markets where you do business
  • Ensures your business remains compliant with constantly evolving privacy laws and regulations
  • Makes privacy compliance part of your business culture through continuous privacy awareness training and key metrics that align with your business strategy
  • Provides confidence that your systems and processes can adequately handle the personal information you collect, use, share, and store, so you spend less time worrying about privacy incidents and data breaches



What You'll Gain

  • A dedicated Skills4Good Compliance Team for onboarding, implementation, and monthly monitoring throughout the year
  • Assistance in the development and implementation of your Privacy Strategy
  • Development of your Privacy Program Implementation Roadmap
  • Company-wide regular Privacy Awareness Training Programs for all employees
  • Creation and regular updates of your:
    • Data Inventory & Mapping of Data Flows
    • Privacy Assessments / Privacy Impact Assessments
    • Gap & Risk Assessments Reports
    • Privacy Notice
    • Privacy Policy and Supporting Policies
    • Website Scanning and Cookie Compliance
    • Consent Management
  • Options to implement your:
    • Vendor Risk Management
    • Privacy Incident Response
    • Privacy Requests / Data Subject Access Rights (DSARs)
  • Monthly legislative development tracking on privacy and responsible AI
  • Regular discussions on the implementation and progress of your Privacy Program

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Investing in Compliance Mitigates Risk

Studies show that an organization’s non-compliance costs are nearly three times its compliance costs.


Costs of Non-Compliance

business disruption

Business Disruption

Economic loss from operations shutdown & contract cancellations

productivity losses

Productivity Losses

Lost employee work time from systems downtime

revenue losses

Revenue Losses

Lost profits due to customer turnover

poor reputation

Loss of Reputation

Loss of trust due to damaged reputation

fines and penalties

Fines & Penalties

Legal costs and fees for violations

Source: Ponemon Institute, 2017 Benchmark Study, “The True Cost of Compliance with Data Protection Regulations”

Mitigate Your Risks

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Why Choose Skills4Good AI

global compliance experts

Global Compliance Experts

Stop hiring expensive salaried staff. Our multi-disciplinary teams of globally certified compliance experts in privacy and AI regulations provide best-in-class consulting cost-effectively.

tech automated platform

Tech Automated Platform

Stop using documents and spreadsheets. With our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, workflow processes are automated to reduce time and human errors.

customized solutions

Customized Solutions

Stop using boilerplate templates. We know that your business is unique. That's why we provide personalized services customized to your business needs and stakeholder expectations.

transparent fees

Transparent Fees

Stop paying steep hourly consultant rates. Our subscription packages offer you the best-of-breed solutions with flexible payments & transparent pricing from beginning until end.

great roi

Great ROI

Leave the heavy-lifting to us. We monitor your compliance requirements cost-effectively throughout the year giving you a great return on investment (ROI).

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Managed Privacy Services for SMEs

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