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One-Stop Global Privacy & AI Compliance

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Skills4Good AI


We help organizations go global

Skills4Good Solutions

Simplify global privacy & AI compliance with our cost-effective “Done For You” compliance packages.

We offer best-in-class managed compliance services combined with AI automation in a single global platform.

Our certified privacy & AI legal compliance experts remove your global compliance pain, saving you time, money, and sanity.

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Your Outsourced Global Privacy Support Team

Skills4Good AI Privacy Team

You don’t need to hire a privacy consultant in every region where you have customers. That’s too much money, time, and effort from you!

With our cost-effective “Done For You” compliance packages, we become your outsourced global privacy support team and do all the heavy lifting.

Say goodbye to compliance headaches and say hello to peace of mind. So you can focus on scaling your organization globally!

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Cost-Effective Global Compliance on a Single Platform

Global Privacy & AI Compliance Experts

Global Privacy & AI Compliance Experts

AI Automated Platform

AI Automated Platform

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

Predictable Subscription Fees

Predictable Subscription Fees

Excellent ROI

Excellent ROI

Building Blocks of Global Compliance Packages

Because one size doesn’t fit all, our customized packages let you pick and choose only the compliance building blocks you need and leave the rest to us.

  • Privacy Notices
  • Cookie Policies
  • Cookie Banners
  • Cookie Preference Management
  • Consent Management
  • Privacy & AI Training
  • Privacy Assessments
  • Data Inventory & Data Mapping
  • Tracking of Relevant Privacy & AI Laws
  • Privacy Risk Assessments
  • Privacy / Data Protection Impact Assessments (PIA / DPIA)
  • Privacy Policy
  • Privacy Policies for Business Operations
  • Algorithmic Impact Assessments
  • Third-Party Risk Assessments
  • Data-Subject Access Rights (DSAR) Management Services

Comply with Global Privacy & AI Laws Now

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Benefits of Our Global Compliance Package

Saves Money

Saves You Money

Say goodbye to pricey local privacy consultants in every region where you have customers. Say hello to global compliance packages that save you money and headaches.

Saves Time

Saves You Time

Leave time delays behind and embrace the power of AI and automation with best-in-class consulting to speed up your global growth.

Saves Sanity

Saves Your Sanity

Let our expert Privacy & AI compliance team handle the complexity of global privacy and AI compliance while you focus on expanding internationally.

Address Unique Needs

Addresses Your Unique Needs

With our customized compliance packages to fit your unique needs, you stay on track in your Privacy & AI Accountability journey to build trust and achieve Tech4Good.

Manage Risks

Manages Your Risks All Year Round

Don’t let ever-changing privacy & AI laws catch you off-guard. Stay ahead with our year-round compliance packages to manage your robust Privacy & Responsible AI management program.

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One-Stop Global Privacy & AI Compliance for SMBs & Nonprofits

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