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Skills4Good AI
Premium Package

For organizations that use AI systems in human resources, customer service, marketing & sales, finance and operations. They want to proactively comply with emerging privacy and AI regulations that require Privacy & Human Rights By Design


What’s Included

tech automation

Technology Automation

Full Plan: We use advanced automated SaaS tools to begin your privacy compliance journey seamlessly

fixed price

Bespoke Consulting at a Fixed Price

We provide customized consulting services right-sized for your current privacy needs

privacy awareness training

Privacy Awareness Training

We provide your staff with advanced privacy training courses to develop privacy-first culture in your organization

responsible ai

Responsible AI Program

We provide your staff with 3 highly engaging AI courses delivered by thought leaders in the AI industry on the foundational concepts of AI tech, ethics and law in a highly engaging manner

privacy assessment

Privacy Assessment (PA)

We regularly measure and monitor how closely your organization’s privacy practices align with legal obligations and best practices

cookie consent

Cookie Consent Compliance

We regularly audit our organization’s website to uncover cookies and trackers and configure branded banners using unique consent approaches

data mapping

Data Mapping

We create and maintain an up-to-date mapping of how your data flows through IT systems, business processes and third parties according to global privacy record-keeping requirements

privacy impact assessment

Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

Using Privacy By Design, we conduct a PIA to help your organization identify and reduce the privacy risks of a project, product or service

data protection impact assessment

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

Using Privacy By Design, we conduct a DPIA under the GDPR to determine if your organization’s project will result in high risks to the rights and freedoms of individuals

algorithmic impact assessment

Algorithmic Impact Assessment (AIA) / 
Human Rights Impact Assessment (HRIA)

Using Human Rights By Design, we conduct an AIA or an HRIA on your organization’s automated decision making systems used in HR, marketing, customer service and other functions. It’s a risk assessment tool that determines the impact level of your organization’s automated decision-systems on privacy and human rights

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Tell us about your particular Privacy & AI regulatory compliance needs. Learn about our various outsourcing solutions and how we can help.

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2. Select outsourcing solution.

After discussing the different subscription packages, select the solution that’s right-sized for your current needs.

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Why Choose Skills4Good AI

domain experts

Domain Experts

Don’t hire more salaried staff. Our strong, multi-disciplinary team of lawyers and domain experts in global privacy, AI and cybersecurity regulations have the expertise to provide best-in-class consulting cost-effectively. Consider us an extension of your in-house compliance team.

automated process

Automated Process

Stop using Excel spreadsheets. Our SaaS and Service platform automates workflow processes for seamless coordination thus reducing manual errors and time delays.

custom solutions

Custom Solutions

Boilerplate templates don’t work. Our personalized best-in-class service customizes solutions to match your unique compliance needs.

predictable fees

Predictable Fees

Ditch the steep hourly rates. Our subscription packages are delivered on a no-surprises, fixed-price basis with flexible payments to suit your cash flow.

save time and energy

Time & Energy Savings

Leave the heavy-lifting to us. Our SaaS and Service platform mitigates, monitors and updates your compliance requirements throughout the year.

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