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Top 10 Privacy Compliance Tips

For Startups & SMBs

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Skills4Good AI & World Trade Center Denver

Complimentary Privacy Course

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Top 10 Privacy Compliance Tips for Startups & SMBs

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Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee at a startup or small & medium business (SMB), this course will provide you with crucial knowledge to take your global privacy compliance efforts to the next level. 

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Course Topics

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: What is Data Privacy?
  • Module 3: What is Personal Data?
  • Module 4: What is Privacy Accountability?
  • Module 5: Tip #1: Appoint a Privacy Lead
  • Module 6: Tip #2: Know Your Data
  • Module 7: Tip #3: Know the Law
  • Module 8: Tip #4: Know Your Risks
  • Module 9: Tip #5: Maintain a Privacy Compliant Website
  • Module 10: Tip #6: Maintain an Updated Privacy Policy
  • Module 11: Tip #7: Know Your Third-Party Risks
  • Module 12: Tip #8: Provide Employee Privacy Training
  • Module 13: Tip #9: Control Access to Your Data
  • Module 14: Tip #10: Monitor your Privacy Compliance Journey
  • Module 15: Conclusion
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The Problem

The Colorado Privacy Act is coming, and it could cost you $20,000 if you’re unprepared.

As a global startup, SMB, or nonprofit with customers worldwide, navigating so many global privacy and AI laws can be tough.

But failing to comply is not an option - it can lead to penalties, lost trust, and a damaged reputation.

But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

Our Solution

Claim your World Trade Center Denver
exclusive FREE access for members to our

Top 10 Compliance Tips for Startups & SMBs

$99 Value

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Minimize your global privacy compliance pain
Use the coupon code: WTCD10TIPS

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Course Benefits


You’ll gain the necessary knowledge to take your global privacy compliance efforts to the next level. The course has interesting use cases and real-life examples to keep you learning.

Great Value

With our expert advice and tips, you’ll know how to boost your global privacy management program. You’ll learn how to navigate the ever-changing global privacy regulatory landscape with ease.


You’ll easily access the course on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. You can easily fit each micro-learning program module into your busy schedule.

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Jumpstart your global privacy accountability journey
Use the coupon code: WTCD10TIPS

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One-Stop Global Privacy & AI Compliance for SMBs & Nonprofits

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